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Are you searching for industrial floor painting in Barnet? the look no further because you have come to the right place. We are your local industrial painting contractor in Barnet and industrial floor preparation and floor painting are simply some of the services that we provide.

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As your local painting company we will deal with all your painting and decorating services requirements. We will do what you need from your domestic and commercial painting contractor. You can depend on us to paint your walls, ceilings, windows and doors to the highest standard. 

We supply you with specialised industrial painting services that as far as we know, no other painting contractor in Barnet are offering to do. So whenever you need your floor painting– regardless if that is for a factory floor, a garage floor or perhaps a shop– you can call us for professional help. Even before the setup of resin floors and other epoxy resin floor coating can happen there is often some preparation work needed. We look after the diamond grinding of concrete floors, concrete floor repairs consisting of crack and loose concrete repair work.

Not just does epoxy resin flooring look great as a floor finish, however there are lots of convenient reasons for selecting epoxy resin flooring over a more traditional polished concrete surface for work areas and commercial floors.

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When you require a high quality hygiene flooring an easy to clean epoxy coating will supply you with a smooth sealed surface that is easy to keep clean. If you are worried about slip hazards, then we will incorporate a sand like grit to the resin coating just before it is applied. This will present you with a high level of slip resistance in an easy to take care of floor surface.

If your need garage flooring painted we have actually a specially created chemically resistant epoxy for car repair garages and display rooms. They area at the same time appropriate for all commercial floor coatings and an antislip grit will be added for extra safety. Some clients will continue to pick the more conventional garage floor paint since the resin flooring is a little bit more pricey. Nevertheless is you think about the higher wear resistance and just how much longer epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings will last you, you can rapidly validate any extra costs sustained. If your requirement is for finishings appropriate for anti static floors they we will fulfill your needs. Our company have actually painted floors where fragile instrumentation was to be handled and an anti static floor coating was needed.

Numerous big jobs we finished have been for the epoxy resin flooring and total floor preparation to multiple floor levels within a multi story car-park. On these jobs we were selected as the painting contractor since we could easily take on all of the necessary work from the commercial floor preparation right through to the application of the final coating system which in this case was a strong floor epoxy screed. The jobs necessitated that we carry out the line marking of the parking area bays and the pedestrian walkways. The ramps that lead between floors were coated with an anti slip finish to supply significantly greater friction for wet tyres.

Our clients can get extremely creative and create unique creations in your decorative floor coating. Just by adding in different colours of dye to the epoxy coating will enable us to create quite basic or very elaborate patterns. When ever you need to have a surface fnish that supplies a really great slip resistant and decorative surface finish to pedestrian walkways there is no more effective option than our epoxy resin coatings. Not just that, but they are also chemically resistant to any business maintenance products that are most likely to be made use of on them.

If your intent is to keep the steelwork and ventilation ducting exposed in the ceiling of your structure then you might be searching for an onsite spray painiting service to pain them all? We can assist with that. We also apply the intumescent painting to build up fire safety to structural steelwork.

If you are ready to employ your domestic and business fit out decorators in Barnet then call on us and get a totally free job site survey and written quote. We wish to be your number one choice when you are in need of a trusted painting company for industrial floor painting in Barnet. When you want to discover more about our epoxy floor surfaces or if you are at the time where you are going to have an epoxy floor put in – then give us a call initially. If you have questions or perhaps you have really specific needs to fulfill then go ahead and give us a call to set up a totally free site survey. The epoxy paints and resins are readily available in a large range of colours for you to pick from and it might even be possible to add a dye to attain a specific colour that you may desire. Call us to go over your task in the first circumstances.

Trying to find assistance or guidance on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor or perhaps a floor in your home in Barnet then call on us. We are happy to help if you have any concerns concerning an epoxy floor and would like to speak to an epoxy coating professional. Regardless if you are just at the early planning stages or you your project is ready for finishing now – we would like to talk with you.

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