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Now maybe it is time to get the exterior painting taken care of your home or business once again? We are the local professionals. Just call us and we promise that won’t disappoint you.

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Whenever you are searching for exterior painting in Barnet call us first. We are the local painters and decorators and we are happy to provide you with a great value and reliable service that you can trust.

We are very proud of every paint job that we undertake and we pay close attention to detail with respect to the quality of the interior and exterior painting that we complete. Given that we are a family owned painting and decorating company in Barnet, we decided to only recruit time served decorators for all the residential and commercial painting work.

Whenever it comes to exterior painting and decorating, you probably think that less skill is required – and perhaps a local handyman may be okay to produce a fair paint job. Its possible that they could – if can hire one who is well skilled and pays attention to detail. But why take the risk. We are qualified and have completed an apprenticeship in all areas of interior and exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. So with that in mind, we can guarantee that you will get a perfect painting finish every time.

When you employ us as your exterior painters in Barnet and you will be glad you did. Lots of customers just assume that decorating the exterior of a property is pretty straight forward and is only applying a coat of paint. A really skilled painter and decorator often makes the painting job appear simple. When you have ever tried painting the exterior of your property, I’m sure you already know that there is more to it than it first seemed. First off there is quite a lot of preparation work to be done before we will be able to get the paint brushes out and begin work on your painting job.

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You are probably eager to get going on the exterior painting but there is a lot of preparation work to be done before you start painting. At the least, the exterior walls should be power washed. A high pressure jet of water will remove any loose or flaking paint. The washing will also wash away any dust, dirt and debris that builds up over time. In addition any woodwork and wooden window frames cleaned and lightly sanded so that the new coat of paint will adhere properly. Wooden fascia and soffit will will need a light sanding and any loose paint needs to be properly removed. It is only when the preparation work has been completed can the painting work start. We very often need more time in getting the preparation jobs completed than the painting, but that is the secret to a great paint finish. We take care of it all and then you won’t have to.

We put in the effort and have worked hard over 20+ years to grow our reputation for high quality work. We will provide all the residential and commercial painting and decorating in Barnet and all the surrounding areas. We will guarantee that you will get the finest possible painting and we would love to be the number one for painters in Barnet.

No matter what, for the painting jobs – go ahead and give us the call. Over 20+ our clients have hired us for all their painting. From homes, offices and commercial painting in the Barnet area they have trusted us looked after them all – and you can too. Starting with the smaller painting jobs such as a single ceiling and up to the very large contracts something like the exterior painting of a warehouse building we can manage it all. We have never found a job that is too big or too small.

We carry out all the painting and decorating services and in addition to that we will take care of our clients with light property and home improvement jobs they want done. So if you have a job that you have been intending to get to – you can call on us for a chat about it.

Whenever the weather is nice and you really want to get out and have a go at some home maintenance, maybe you will attempt a few of of the minor exterior house painting tasks by yourself.

Many people would like to change the colour of the front door and to many it may seem like it is a pretty simple job to do. to make it a little easier here are a few tricks and techniques to help you get started. Possibly the most important thing to do first is to wash off and sand any dust, dirt and loose old paint. Then before painting just be certain to give the door a light sanding. That will help the new coat of paint to take

Painting window frames is much more difficult than you might think to get right. Whenever you want your windows painting you should call in the best exterior painters in Barnet – we’re here to help.

We provide our clients with a high quality service for both interior painting and exterior decorating. Whenever the weather turns inclement then exterior house painting will become hard to do then we will really only undertake this type of project whenever you get a reliably long spell of good weather interior painting and exterior decorating. We also can give you a really good exterior house painting service which includes power washing and all of the preparation works necessary.

For expert interior and exterior decorating call on us first. We guarantee that you will get a top quality finish on every painting work.

We are really proud that we complete any of our work to a very high quality whether it is domestic, commercial or or an industrial painting project. Whenever you are looking for painters in Barnet give us a call

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